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Level 1:  Build a Core Base

(Beginner/Novice-Acute Pain)

Everyone can benefit from performing these exercises 2 times per day. The Core 3 can be used to strengthen and to "activate" the core prior to an athletic event or a workout. An acute lower back pain patient can rehab a weak core by reducing spasms in the larger muscles and turning on the deeper muscles in the core.  The Core 3 is safe to perform in severe pain and recommended to build a base of support in the core muscles to build on.  We recommend strengthening the core well first when in pain, imbalanced or misaligned, and to never attempt to build strength on top of dysfunction. 

The McGill Core 3 Exercises

Very few experts have had a greater impact on how I approach treating low back injuries as has Dr. Stuart McGill of Waterloo University in Ontario, Canada.  His decades of research has lead to universal changes to how we approach rehabilitation and strengthening of the lower back and core. 
Our holistic chiropractic approach includes all the latest soft tissue mobilization techniques such as Graston Technique and Active Release Technique.  We recommend using the latest and most well researched exercise methods to rehab and prevent lower back pain and core injuries. The most logical and comprehensive webpage reference all the Core 3 exercises in a very patient friendly format is Squat University:

Dr. Stuart McGill's Research on Enhancing Lower Back Health Through Core Strength Exercises 

Levels 2 and 3 coming soon...

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